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David Shaked

David Shaked has more than 25 years’ experience in developing leaders and in changing organisations. He uses flexible, creative and practical strength-based approaches to help individuals and teams. His approach leads to fresh thinking, inspiring visions, unlocking complex problems and accelerated change.

David is a positive change enabler for individuals, teams, organisations and systems. He is an experienced practitioner, trainer, author public speaker and thought leader of several strength-based and dialogic approaches to change such as Appreciative Inquiry, Solution Focus Coaching, Positive Deviance and Positive Psychology. He regularly designs and leads organisational development interventions and training programmes. His areas of expertise are: high-engagement strategic planning, efficiency improvement, team building, coaching, leadership development, and whole-system change.

The people who experienced working with David often appreciate the following qualities in him:  his humble yet engaging presence, His ability to listen and empathize, his curiosity (He is always fascinated by other people, their stories, what makes them who they are and what is their fullest sparkling potential and true colors). David is able to keep calm and unfazed by complex, chaotic or stressful situations. His use of stories and metaphors helps evoke change from within.  He is creative and he inspires creativity in others. Finally, he always keeps in sight ‘the big picture’ and is able to see possibilities and strengths – EVERYWHERE and in EVERYONE!

David established Almond Insight in 2008. He has worked with several clients including: Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKiline, Boehringer-Ingelheim, NHS UK, Deloitte, Shelter, Carmignac Gestion, Lyle & Scott, Utrecht Council, UK Ministry of Defence, Royal Flora Holland, Medtronic, MTS, Sky TV, PwC, Novartis and Nestle. He has worked all across Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia, in all sectors (private, public and 3rd sector) and in many different organisational contexts.

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