Breakthrough Ideas

Through years of experience with ground breaking approaches to change we have developed many original insights. The following video clips, articles and books capture our useful wisdom. Feel free to watch or download them and come back regularly for our latest creations.


This pre-recorded webinar will give you the opportunity to understand the role and value of storytelling in the context of your practice.  You will gain new insights and useful tools you could use to apply this unique skill in jumpstarting your practice with confidence after the lockdown.

In this video clip, David Shaked, Author of ‘Strength-based Lean Six Sigma: Building positive and engaging business improvement’ provides a brief overview of this new approach to process and business improvement.

This is the ninth video produced in the ‘Just in Case…’ mini-series sponsored by Quality and Equality. In this video, David Shaked, a positive transformation leader with 25+ years of experience in designing and leading successful OD and change, shared with us the foundations of Appreciative Inquiry, and how the various uses of this methodology and embodiment can help us lead through crisis. This video was graphically recorded by Andrea Wendt and is available to download here.

In this webinar, David shares a few creative and out-of-the-box ways to play with AI and explains how AI can be integrated with any tool or approach to change.


In this podcast, I’ll explore the art and science of crafting and asking those powerful, generative questions. Each episode will be dedicated to one type of powerful question – a bite-sized introduction to the question, what makes it powerful and how you could use that question in your life and work.

You can listen here on the site, or subscribe using your favourite player.


Strength-based Lean Six Sigma

David Shaked’s first book ‘Strength-based Lean Six Sigma’ was published in 2013. In it he presents a ground-breaking strength-based approach to process and efficiency improvement. As a certified lean Six Sigma Master Black belt and an enthusiast of Appreciative Inquiry, he combined in the book the rigour of Lean Six Sigma with the energy, creativity and engagement of strength-based change. This blended approach helps build a more positive, engaging and sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

It is also available from all major book sellers online and in selected stores.

AI5 — How to unleash the full power of Appreciative Enquiry

In 2019 he also co-authored and published another book “AI5 – How to unleash the full power of Appreciative Inquiry” together with Claire Lustig and Bernard Tollec. The book introduces an innovative and practical framework that captures the wholeness of AI. The book is available in both English and French