We unlock and accelerate positive transformation

Are you a leader or a change agent wanting to get unstuck and move forward?

Is your team or organisation in need of inspiration, energy, motivation or fresh ideas?

Are you looking for ways to use your resources creatively, effectively and more efficiently?

Our Services

One-on-one coaching

Helping leaders face a range of challenges, gain new insights, find new possibilities, gain energy for action and develop themselves and others. We focus on activating and fully utilising the strengths each individual has (and is often underutilising)

Group interventions

Working with groups and teams to achieve better outcomes, improve relationships, raise energy and engagement levels and include all members in decision making

Creative and engaging virtual facilitation

Enabling teams to work well, stay engaged and achieve great result even when working remotely

Strategic planning, creativity and innovation

Facilitating teams, departments and whole organisations in defining stronger strategies for their future as well as create new ways of working

High-engagement organisation-wide transformation

Supporting organisations in transforming their cultures and ways of working

Leadership development and training

Developing leaders through activities, feedback, coaching and mentoring to achieve a greater impact

Inspiring and engaging performance improvement

Enabling efficiency improvement like you’ve never experienced before – by using the strengths of the people and the process involved, we create an engaging, inspiring and developmental improvement journey.

Activating and supporting internal change agents

Having effective change agents inside an organisation is a key success factor for most transformation journey. We support this change agents using strengths-based approaches to change to enable them to drive the desired change more effectively.

Appreciative Inquiry workshops

We provide Appreciative Inquiry training at beginners and advanced levels for coaches, consultants, OD practitioners and leaders. Our workshops are fully interactive and are based on experience-based learning methods.