Our approach

We have a set of guiding principles honed through years of experience working with people, teams and organisations through many different situations. While each of these principles is essential, it is the collection of them all, in action, that makes the “Almond Insight impact” felt and creates a lasting impact.

Taking a strengths-based, possibility-focused approach

Possibly the best and most underutilised approach to change!

Reframing our focus from deficit to strengths, inquiring into what we already HAVE ACHIEVED, what we WANT, what is POSSIBLE, and what we CAN DO, opens up multitude of new possibilities, hope, greater motivation and deeper engagement.

It may sound simple but most people are used to focus on their weakest points, what prevents them from progress and what could go wrong – we invite you to dare and try a different approach!

Enabling powerful Emergence

New ideas arrive when we stay calm in the eye of the storm and create space

In times of crisis the rarest ingredient available is a sense of calm. How can you restore it to begin to see things clearly and be able to make stronger choices?

Emergence enables creativity at its best. Valuing and actively enabling it leads to innovative and better solutions to challenges that may seem complex and unsolvable.

Connecting different ideas

Navigating through polarities and paradoxes in times of change

When trying to solve problems or challenges, many ideas may be raised. Sometimes even opposing ones. You might ask: “how do I choose between X and Y?”. By understanding the polarity between different choices and connecting their strengths, we can create better solutions and navigate through times of transformation more confidently.

Active Inclusiveness, equality and engagement

When people feel safe in groups and are able to trust each other, magic happens

When all members of a team or an organisation are included and feel their views are heard and they can safely contribute, everyone can get behind, trust and support a desired transformation.

Group flow

Does your group flow?

Groups are the building blocks of any organisation and all projects. Creating the conditions for groups to collaborate, include everyone’s in their conversations and co-create effectively is essential.  When groups flow together, a lot can be achieved. Establishing a state of flow within a group requires special attention and does not happen on it’s own.

Additional sources of wisdom or action

The most potent ingredients for transformation are our stories and our intuition

We create stories and use metaphors to describe our reality and the future we want. Our stories influence our actions more than any spreadsheet or deck of slides.  Be aware of and adjusting your stories can create inspiration, connection and a shared direction.

In addition, beyond what we “know” in our heads, we can help you access wisdom located elsewhere in our bodies (heart, gut etc.) to expand the range of possibilities you can see.