Business Planning Process + Quarterly updates – This process delivered detailed financial plans for a European subsidiary of a global company as well as to all its sales teams and support functions in the region. The process was executed on an annual basis with 4 update cycles throughout the year. A series of Kaizen events resulted in a reduction of 33% of the number of steps in the annual process and 40% in the updates process. It also reduced the number of repetitions (due to errors and change of overall/specific targets) from 20 to 5.

Month End Closing process – This process was instrumental for providing monthly P&L and Balance Sheet reports to the corporate headquarters as well as several business leaders in a European division of a consumer products manufacturer. The process took a full week every month and entailed intensive work by a large team of financial controllers and analysts. After two Kaizen events, the team identified how their roles contributed to the overall process and how to simplify it. After the team’s ideas were put into action, the month-end process took significantly less time to complete. The pressure on the team was also significantly reduced.