Team building is part of the theory and practice of organisational development. Its aim is to help teams work more effectively and efficiently together while improving and strengthening the relationships between people in the group.

Most teams go through several stages of development as part of their natural path of growth. At the initial stages of development, unclear objectives may create confusion, low morale, poor listening and a general lack of commitment. As a result, hidden agendas, conflicts, confrontation and resentment may develop which in turn could lead to inconsistent performance and failure.

By taking a team through a team building experience, we help the team clarify their goals, build ownership for the goals as well as commitment to the success of the team and its objectives. We also help motivate the team members and build stronger working relationships between all individuals. This speeds up the normal development of the team, helps set it on the best course and brings it quickly to a stage of agreement, progress and clarity. The overall result is a release of the team’s creativity, motivation, and enthusiasm and thus creates better and quicker outcomes for the team and everyone involved.