What is Strength-based Lean Six Sigma?

Most applications of Lean Thinking or Six Sigma assume there is a ‘perfect state’ for each organisational process and that the current state deviates from it due to inefficiencies and waste.

This normally means that in order to improve, we have to focus on identifying gaps between the perfect state and the current state, find the root causes for the gaps and implement solutions. All in the hope of achieving sustainable improvement. At best, we will move from ‘non good’ to ‘good’.

A strength-based approach has a different focus – instead of placing all of our attention on what is broken or inefficient, we find what is already efficient and generates value. We understand it in detail, find what enables it and in what ways we can expand it or built on what works. This approach enables a ‘growth mindset’ and new ideas to emerge quickly as well as raises the level of engagement and energy.

For more details, watch the short video clip.