New book – Strength-based Lean Six Sigma – Nov 2013

David Shaked’s new book titled ‘Strength-based Lean Six Sigma: Building Positive and Engaging Business Improvement’ is now out across Europe. Available in the US from Nov 28th 2013.

The book is the first book to create bridges and combine the best of both the strengths and the deficit worlds in the drive for greater efficiency, by combining Appreciative Inquiry (and other strength-based approaches), with the leading approaches to efficiency and quality improvement (Lean Thinking and Six Sigma – normally practised with a deficit-focus). The book contains principles, fresh ideas, stories (David’s and others) and useful tools.

David’s hope for this book is that it helps enthusiasts of strength-based approaches to change, to expand the community of Strength-based practitioners and followers by creating inroads with organizations and people who are keen followers of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma! On the other hand, if you are a Lean Six Sigma practitioner, you will find fresh, energising and more engaging ways to practise these approaches.

You can now be pre-order the book directly from the publisher (with a special launch discount) using the details in the following flyer:

It is also available for pre-order on both Amazon US and Amazon UK:
1) Amazon UK:
2) Amazon US:

It may also be available via other Amazon sites or other online/off line retailers of your preference. You can search it using the book title or the ISBN number which is: 0749469501. An e-book version (e.g. for Kindle/iPad) is also available

All comments, reviews and questions are welcome and feel free to share the news about this book with your network.

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