The seven signs of value!

One of the most common Lean Thinking tools is the “Waste Walk”. Here, participants in an improvement workshop (often called a Kaizen event) are asked to follow a process as it is executed (or follow it on a process map) and identify all sources of waste. Waste is broadly defined as any activity that adds costs or complexity and not value to the products or services that the company offers to its customers. The search for waste in processes follows the seven types of waste as defined in Lean Thinking: Continue reading

David Shaked publishes article in Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner

David Shaked has recently published an article in the Feb 2010 Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner magazine. In the article, David shares his personal journey which starts with learning deficit-based problems solving methodologies and continues to the discovery of Appreciative Inquiry and its implications for his work and personal life. This article explores his inner and outer worlds, the powerful questions he faced and the great outcomes these questions led to. It also proposes a way to bridge deficit-based and strength-based methodologies to reach a potentially powerful and positive result.

Download a PDF of this article.

David Shaked co-edited and wrote for the August AI Practitioner – Measuring the impact of AI in the Private sector

David Shaked and Susan Donnan brought together a rich selection of articles in this relatively unexplored area. The articles described the outcomes and results of using AI in different and sometimes challenging situations with small and large businesses. Some of the articles propose new models such as ‘Double-Loop 5D-AI process’ and ‘Appreciative Auditing’. David Shaked also wrote an article for this edition describing how metrics, scorecards and performance reviews can be upgraded by applying an appreciative, strength-based approach.

Download a PDF introduction to the August edition of AI Practitioner¬†or David’s full article.

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